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Review: The Book of Mormon

Title: The Book of Mormon
Book, Music, & Lyrics By: Trey Parker, Robert Lopez, and Matt Stone
On Broadway: Yes
If you liked: South Park, Spamalot

I've been meaning to check out The Book of Mormon for awhile. I am the anti-thesis of a South Park fan, but I had heard such amazing things about it, and the interview with Jon Stewart peaked my interest. So when I discovered that the album was available on Spotify, I gave it a listen.

My feelings are… extremely mixed.

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Final story count: 1 assigned fic, 8 treats. There are a TON of prompts I wanted to write but didn't have time to... I may end up writing a bunch over the course of 2012. But as part of my venture back into fandom, I am pleased. And it's been great meeting fannish people IRL. NaNo write-ins are wonderful, but they don't have that same sense of community and culture. People do NaNo for so many different reasons. Some want to get published; some want to take a break from doing other types of writing; some are just sick of their mundane lives and want to do something creative. Which is FANTASTIC, but what I've loved about these Yuletide write-ins is that, even though our fandoms and the types of fic we like are so different, we're all just writing to have fun and geek out.

Before the write-in, I was feeling really gloomy because I'm beginning work on a major personal writing project and I really desperately want a mentor, but I don't know how to go about finding one. All the mentors I've had in the past kind of came to me - my professors at college, or my old supervisor. So yeah, I'm a little at sea. I want someone to talk about this project with, who isn't a friend or my mother (much as I love and value the input of both). Friends (and my mother) are companions on the journey, but what I really want is someone who knows the country.

Not entirely sure where I was going with that, but I wanted to get it out of my head. My brain is stuffed full with thoughts - project thoughts, fanfic thoughts, gloomy introspective talk-over-with-therapist thoughts... I really need to free up some space.

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i'll be strong; i'll be your witness

inversecalico is really, really bad for my wallet. I don't even want to think about how many times she's linked an artist and after listening to one song, I've bought everything they've ever released.


You can actually nab this bit of gorgeousness for free at their website.

She also linked this song. I've managed to resist album buying (thank you, Spotify), but I love the video probably even more than the song.

I seriously have a problem. And that problem is inversecalico.

Knope, We Totally Can!

I should never, ever be allowed to title things.

As an almost pathologically non-confrontational person, my first instinct is to preface this post with apologies and "No, I'm not a hater!" while waving my fandom cred card (which, sadly, is still in the mail).

But going through that spiel would distract from the real points that I’m trying to make and possibly take the conversation in a direction I have no interest in. It also assumes that the Parks & Recreation fandom is full of mean people, which has not been my experience so far. (Y'all are full of love, and I love you for it.)

So instead, I am going to direct those who are unfamiliar (or simply curious) about social justice issues to this article and this video.

I’ll just chill out here while you read/watch and, when you’re ready, I’ll tell you where I think Parks & Recreation is seriously dropping the ball on being progressive tv.

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keep it classy, LJ

So it looks like LJ is going to be removing subject lines from comments soon. This mostly affects fandom people (role-players, kinkmemes, etc.), I think - I haven't noticed a lot of subject line use in non-fandom journals.

But I thought this would be a good opportunity to mention that I keep a mirror of this journal on Dreamwidth, and if you're interested in migrating, I've got 9 invites.

herp derp

You'll notice this journal is suddenly rather bare. It occurred to me tonight that I could turn this journal into a community and thereby skirt the whole icon issue. Of course, to do so I had to delete all the entries that existed previously (fortunately, I was able to back them up to my Dreamwidth mirror).

Long complicated way of saying sorry for the shenanigans, but everything should be settled and less bizarre now. Thanks for being patient with me!


It's official! The flights have been booked! I am going to Japan with the wonderful and awesome yinza!

I should probably start taking a more serious look at the language books she gave me. Kyaaaaaaaaa!

[insert incoherent flailing here]